DIY Twine Anchor

Ahoy! So my longtime friend, Amanda, finally became a Mum. With a little baby boy on the way, I knew I needed to do something crafty for his nautical themed room. There were so many options and cute ideas on Pinterest, but I finally chose a cute anchor design.


Here is my Twine Anchor DIY:

What’s needed:


  • 2-3 hours to create (not including dry time)
  • 24 hours to dry


  1. Sandpaper the wood platform for a smooth finish. Make sure no dust particles are leftover.
  2. Stain wood, let dry. If needed, do a second coat.
  3. Print out or draw design on a separate sheet of paper – this will be your layout for the nails.
  4. Hammer the nails around your anchor, or design of choice.
  5. Begin your twine by tying a knot on one nail and work your way around until you have about 3 layers. Then do the same with the blue twine.
  6. Once the twine tying is complete, the large rope can be weaved in between and underneath however you prefer.



IMG_0549 IMG_0556 IMG_0565 IMG_0571




Myles, Let love be your anchor and hope be your sail. xx


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