Bikini Competition: Costs




Everybody commits to a fitness goal for a different reason. So, no matter the reason, just know that the end result will bring out a better you. Below I put together some info about what you are about to get yourself into… financially, for a fitness competition:

  • Registration/Entry Fees: $60/class (2 classes) = $120
  • Gym Membership: $60/month
  • Supplements/Vitamins: $400
  • Food: $75/week
  • Suit: $280 + S/H
  • Shoes: $35
  • Jewelry: $50
  • Spray Tan: $130
  • Make-up: $120
  • Hair: $150
  • Posing classes: $20/group and $70/single
  • Hotel: $100/night
  • NPC card: $120/year
  • Nails: $70 + tip

You might have to calculate:

  • Gas
  • Flight
  • Taxi
  • Hair extensions
  • Facial: $80
  • Eyebrow wax: $18
  • Coach: $800-1200

Final tally, you are looking at spending anywhere from $3000-5000, so just be prepared!

After going through my first competition, there are definitely things that I would do differently. The main item that I went with (which was the largest cost), was the Venue Hair/Make-up/Tan. I’m just not sure it was worth the cost. They were all “organized” by the same person, but I would use the word organized very, very loosely. I would recommend going through them for ease of schedule, since they are on-site. However, for price, I am sure I could have hair and make-up done elsewhere. The only reason I would maybe stick to them for the tan, is for touch-ups, but this also depends on location and how well you know the area. Some girls have their go-to people that are available for competition day.

Also, I am creating an ebook with more detailed info and if you would like a free copy once this is finalized, just sign up on the right side!



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  1. Wow, what a fantastic cost summary of what to expect when committing to a bikini competition. Where was this information when you were getting started? Oh yeah, that’s right… it didn’t exist. It does now 🙂 Great job!

    1. Thanks for all of your support, Mike! Even though I did not want to see that final total – I am completely grateful and happy that I was able to participate in this event.

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