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DIY Twine Anchor

Ahoy! So my longtime friend, Amanda, finally became a Mum. With a little baby boy on the way, I knew I needed to do something crafty for his nautical themed room. There were so many options and cute ideas on Pinterest, but I finally chose a cute anchor design.


Here is my Twine Anchor DIY:

What’s needed:

  • Wood platform, shape is preference
  • Twine, rope, colored thread
  • Nails (200 ct.)
  • Hammer
  • Sand paper
  • Stain
  • Newspaper
  • Paper + Pen
  • Paint brush/roller



  • 2-3 hours to create (not including dry time)
  • 24 hours to dry

IMG_0549 IMG_0556 IMG_0565 IMG_0571


  1. Sandpaper the wood platform for a smooth finish. Make sure no dust particles are leftover.
  2. Stain wood, let dry. If needed, do a second coat.
  3. Print out or draw design on a separate sheet of paper – this will be your layout for the nails.
  4. Hammer the nails around your anchor, or design of choice.
  5. Begin your twine by tying a knot on one nail and work your way around until you have about 3 layers. Then do the same with the blue twine.
  6. Once the twine tying is complete, the large rope can be weaved in between and underneath however you prefer.












Myles, Let love be your anchor and hope be your sail. xx

DIY: Hallowine

My love for wine has brought me to yet another craft. This time involving the upcoming holiday, Halloween. Who knew you could make this many crafts reusing wine bottles?! Excuse to buy more wine? I think so!

Here is my Halloween Wine Bottle(s) DIY or Hallowine, if you will:

The craft begins by polishing off a bottle of wine, or maybe three. First step… check.


But seriously, what’s needed:

  • Three Wine bottles
  • Paint – Green, Orange, White, Black
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Newspaper
  • Paint Brush
  • Paper Plate
  • Painters Tape
  • White Paper
  • Black Marker
  • Toothbrush


  • 1-2 hours to create
  • 24 hours to dry



  1. Tape up the wine bottles tops, as desired (straight, wavy, jagged).
  2. Lay down newspaper and pour paint onto a paper plate. Begin by painting all three with desired colors for the base (some might need a second coat). Allow drying time.
    1. For the Ghost bottle, I used a toothbrush to create look.
  3. Use white construction paper and a black marker to create Frankenstein eyes. Glue onto green bottle before painting other facial features.
  4. Use the black paint, with a smaller brush to create the facial expressions.
  5. When desired design is completed, allow bottle to dry overnight.


Note: Glue will dry clear.

We used these as extra decorations on our porch when we were handing out candy!

Happy Halloween!!


Cork Board

As you may know, at the end of May this year (2015), I began yet another journey across country. This time, with only a car full of my belongings. We had done the trek across country with all of our “stuff” and gave this decision plenty of thought before embarking on this journey. So with our travel plans coming in the next year or so, we decided that now would be the perfect time to start living minimally. So we did just that. And it feels liberating!

Now, the long intro into this craft blog post came for a reason. I love to craft. It takes me out of my element and lets me create. So, one of the harder parts during this move was giving up some things that do bring me joy, but are replaceable. This being my art supplies. So, once we get settled into our new place, I am sure you will see more from me. But for now, I have one more cork project I would like to share until this craft hiatus is over.

The last two years for either Mother’s Day or her birthday, I have crafted cork projects to include in my gift to my mother. Last year it was a cork heart and this year, I created an actual cork board. It was a success!


This craft began by first picking out the size and design I wanted. I found my “board” (which was really a picture frame – on sale) at Michael’s. I find that Michael’s usually has some good sales or coupons that are available from their website. The frame I found was on sale for $10! It was the perfect shade of brown to complement my cork colors. Color and size will be preference

Here is my cork board DIY:

What’s needed:

  • Frame (picture or mirror)
  • Wine corks
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Newspaper
  • Heavy Books


  • 1 hr. to create
  • 24 hours to dry


Lay down newspaper and your design. I prefer to set the corks how I want them to see a) how many I will need and b) what the overall product should look like.

Begin by gluing down the bottom most corks. Depending on the frame, it might make sense to start working from one side to the next. Glue about 10-20 corks to the frame back, place books over and let them dry for around 5 minutes. Continue doing the previous directions until you finish. When completed, add book(s) to balance on top and let dry overnight. Remember, this needs to be on a solid surface, where it will not be disturbed.

Note: Glue will drip on the frame; just know that it will dry clear.

EXTRA: If you are making the Cork Board as a gift, use wine corks from wine they like, and be sure to pack it with plenty of bubble wrap.