What’s the Triple Crown?

What better way to enter your 30’s than with a half marathon to complete your Triple Crown Series? In the fall of 2015 I made an early decision for 2016 that my quest would be to complete the three half marathons (within a given year) to receive my Triple Crown badge of honor (a medal). […]

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bikini competition: finale

The drive to Burlington, VT was approximately 3.5 hours from the Boston area. We planned and prepped our meals for the next two days, loaded the car, and began our road trip around 10:30 on Friday morning. The drive was a beautiful scenic route. I wouldn’t say we were nervous, but there was much conversation […]

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Bikini Competition: Costs

    Everybody commits to a fitness goal for a different reason. So, no matter the reason, just know that the end result will bring out a better you. Below I put together some info about what you are about to get yourself into… financially, for a fitness competition: Registration/Entry Fees: $60/class (2 classes) = $120 […]

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