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What’s the Triple Crown?

What better way to enter your 30’s than with a half marathon to complete your Triple Crown Series?


In the fall of 2015 I made an early decision for 2016 that my quest would be to complete the three half marathons (within a given year) to receive my Triple Crown badge of honor (a medal). I felt pretty confident and began training early. I set up a training plan tailored to each, but as with life, you never know what can happen.

Race 1: Carlsbad.

Training started off well, it began in the San Diego “winter” which made for easy training days in the afternoon. Things began to get intense when I attempted (and successfully) completed my first train run. (For those of you that may not know, the train run is taking the surf rider train from Solana Beach up to Oceanside, and then running back to your car. It’s approximately 16 miles.)

Was I ready for this first half? Heck yes. And when race day came, my nerves were a jumbled mess, but it was hands down the most beautiful run I had ever partaken in. People in the masses would just stop to take selfies and pictures of the coast. It was that gorgeous!

I came out of race one feeling confident, but knowing I could do better. My goal was to PR with each race…


Race 2: La jolla.

Training for race two, seemed to go as smooth as the first time. However, with having a few running friends, I obviously got the warning about the hills. So my training consisted of running hills at least once a week. Then I was getting mixed messages, some saying that the hills weren’t so bad and I began feeling extremely anxious about this run. (PS – I HATE hills).

Second race was underway, you take a bus from La Jolla up to the Del Mar fairgrounds and then run back to end in La Jolla cove. Oh, and did I mention there were hills? In case you were wondering – they looked like mountains. Enough said.

Needless to say, I did not PR this race, and not sure if it was the downhill, but I managed to injure my left knee, so that was cool.

2016-04-24 10.06.13 HDR

As if running three half marathons within a given year wasn’t enough, I was out of my mind and signed myself up for the Rock n Roll San Diego Full Marathon. Because, why not, right? I will say there was a little pressure to do this one instead of waiting until after my triple crown was completed. However, what’s done is done. You can see my RnR recap here.

2016-06-05 13.14.45

Race 3: AFC (America’s Finest City).

After completing the full marathon in June, with an injured leg, I was in no mood to begin training immediately. Scheduled a doctor appointment to make sure there wasn’t something going on in my knee – worse than appeared. Thankfully the x-ray came back clear – but now I needed to allow time for healing.

I picked up my strength training, and slowly but surely added back cardio. It felt like I was running for the first time in my life.

However, race day came, my nerves were low and I would say it was my most successful race of the year.


Bringing in my 30s never felt so good. Mainly because I retired from running… at least for 2016.

bikini competition: finale

The drive to Burlington, VT was approximately 3.5 hours from the Boston area. We planned and prepped our meals for the next two days, loaded the car, and began our road trip around 10:30 on Friday morning. The drive was a beautiful scenic route. I wouldn’t say we were nervous, but there was much conversation on what to expect in the next 48 hours.

We arrived at our host hotel, signed the mandatory waiver (if you get your tanning mess on the sheets/towels… you pay!), and made our way to our room. We immediately got settled in – replacing the hotel sheets and towels with ours from home. We actually had a lot of time to spare. So, we decided to take a drive and see the distance from our hotel to the actual venue… and by venue, I mean high school. School was just getting out so we were able to sneak a peak at the stage. We then decided to head back to the hotel to try and relax. The weather did not allow us to hang outside and we obviously could not go out for a quick bite/drink.

After hanging out for a bit, the check-in began from 6-8 PM at the host hotel. So we headed down there, not sure what to expect. Now, if you have ever ran a large race, you know when you go to pick up your bib and usually they have a huge tent with vendors and you can eyeball your competition? Yah, that was nothing like this.  No tents or vendors, just a small table in their “conference area” for check in. We waited in line for about 15 minutes, and when we finally got up there to do our full check-in (which included registering for our NPC card) – we were told it was cash only. No communication was provided for this – and of course we love earning our points, so we didn’t have any cash on us. So we had to go and try to find a bank for cash…

During check-in, I ran into a few girls I knew were competing and they told me to go check in immediately with the tanning people. I was a bit confused by this as I had set up an appointment a few weeks in advance. We continued down the hall to “check-in” and we walked into a hot mess. The “appointment book” was supposedly lost and they were literally just writing names on a sheet of paper for those that came to check in. As much as you would like to think that these things would be organized after years of competitions, it is not. Yet again, this has been my only experience, so I cannot account for all venues.

So, we went back to the room for another one of our scheduled meals until we were called for our tanning appt. There was a lot of waiting around time. Our original spot was for 8 pm… we were not seen until 10 PM, and we did not get back to our room until 1130 PM. Not much time for the most uncomfortable sleep you will ever have. You are a sticky mess, you can’t touch skin on skin, the air conditioning needs to stay on, because if you start to sweat, you are going to have some gnarly sweat marks. Needless to say, I got zero rest, and I still looked like someone did a horrible paint job on me throughout the night.

Needless to say, my hair and make-up “appointment” at 4 am, could not come soon enough. Thank goodness mine was set for an early time, because, as you can guess, they (the same tanning people) were running late. I went from gross to glam real quick, and had some spare time to take some selfies:


Mike and I headed over to the venue to get our tan touched up and go through the event check-in process. Basically we were sitting in the school auditorium for a long while, because they did not start on time. (no shocker) Made some friends and ate some fish.

4.20.15 comp 040

This whole event we didn’t really know what to expect. There was a lot of down time before pre-judging. So we just hung out in the back. Walked around. Sat and stared. Looked in the mirror. Practiced posing. Tried timing when to eat and when to pump up. The Men’s physique and Women’s Bikini classes go on very last. We were finally called to the stage.

4.20.15 comp 048

Unless you have been on a stage before, I don’t think much can prepare you for this. I did hours of posing practice, and my routine was still flawed once I made my way on stage. Although, many probably wouldn’t know i messed up my routine, it definitely will throw you off, and you don’t have a chance to redo it. When standing on the line, holding my biggest smile ever, I couldn’t get my lip to stop quivering. After both of my classes went on stage, the biggest breath of relief was released from my body.


I thought I might be the only one with this feeling: but after pre-judging was over, I was over it. I felt I had accomplished my goal. However, there were still finals to come back to that afternoon. And the part that kind of bites you in the butt, is that the judges basically know who they are going to place before finals. So some don’t return if they are not top three. But ultimately you have to think about your goal. What did you originally set out to do?

So, Mike and I were on the same page. We shared a burger, tried to rest, ended up taking some selfies. And then headed back for finals.


It was the same hurry up and wait for finals. But for once, during the whole weekend, everything seemed to go smoothly and we could see that finish line (glass of wine). It was the same scenario for finals as earlier in the day. However, as soon as I exited the stage, I took off my heels and we hit the floor running! We were completely over it. We changed and headed to our hotel bar and restaurant. Loaded up on Nachos and wine. It was heavenly.

tha darkness

To say we overindulged that weekend would be an understatement. But we definitely enjoyed ourselves and have no regrets.

As stated in one of my earlier posts, you should have a clear reason as to why you are entering a contest like this. It should be for you alone. That is where you will find your motivation to complete your goal.

I have no regrets. I found the whole process very empowering and I truly appreciate my body more. Would I consider another? Yes. Anytime soon? No.

Hope you also had a good laugh at some of the pictures above 🙂


Also, I am creating an ebook with more detailed info and if you would like a free copy once this is finalized, just sign up on the top right side!

Bikini Competition: Costs




Everybody commits to a fitness goal for a different reason. So, no matter the reason, just know that the end result will bring out a better you. Below I put together some info about what you are about to get yourself into… financially, for a fitness competition:

  • Registration/Entry Fees: $60/class (2 classes) = $120
  • Gym Membership: $60/month
  • Supplements/Vitamins: $400
  • Food: $75/week
  • Suit: $280 + S/H
  • Shoes: $35
  • Jewelry: $50
  • Spray Tan: $130
  • Make-up: $120
  • Hair: $150
  • Posing classes: $20/group and $70/single
  • Hotel: $100/night
  • NPC card: $120/year
  • Nails: $70 + tip

You might have to calculate:

  • Gas
  • Flight
  • Taxi
  • Hair extensions
  • Facial: $80
  • Eyebrow wax: $18
  • Coach: $800-1200

Final tally, you are looking at spending anywhere from $3000-5000, so just be prepared!

After going through my first competition, there are definitely things that I would do differently. The main item that I went with (which was the largest cost), was the Venue Hair/Make-up/Tan. I’m just not sure it was worth the cost. They were all “organized” by the same person, but I would use the word organized very, very loosely. I would recommend going through them for ease of schedule, since they are on-site. However, for price, I am sure I could have hair and make-up done elsewhere. The only reason I would maybe stick to them for the tan, is for touch-ups, but this also depends on location and how well you know the area. Some girls have their go-to people that are available for competition day.

Also, I am creating an ebook with more detailed info and if you would like a free copy once this is finalized, just sign up on the right side!