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Boston: Freedom Crawl

::: Freedom Trail Pub Crawl ::: May 9, 2015

city hall

With May being our last month in Boston, Mike had a great idea to wrap up our almost two years living there, by doing the Freedom Trail one last time – but as a pub crawl. Of course I agreed! The spring/summer weather finally decided to catch up to the month of May – so what more could we ask for?

spring 2015

Saturday finally came and it was time to warm the cockles of the heart and enjoy some brews at some of Boston’s finest, along with some historic landmarks.

I had done some research to see if anyone had created an itinerary or “best places”, but there wasn’t much I could find specific to drinking your way through the Freedom Trail. Thought it would be pretty common. Or maybe there were too many drinks for anyone to recap their experience.

So, I created our Freedom Crawl Itinerary:

Beantown Pub ::: 100 Tremont St. ::: Boston Common and Beacon Hill

  • Awesome fact: Sam Adams does a Brick Red that is delicious and only served at places along the freedom trail.


Omni Parker House Hotel ::: 60 School Street ::: Ladder District

  • Famous for creating the first Boston Cream Pie – It’s a must try! Our server recommended some amazing cocktails to complement it!

Omni Parker

Barracuda Tavern ::: 15 Bosworth Street :::

  • If you are looking for a legit Irish accent. Look no further.


Green Dragon Tavern ::: 11 Marshall Street ::: Faneuil Hall

  • Not sure if the Red Coat is a regular here.

2015 summer 255

Bell in Hand Tavern ::: 45-55 Union Street :::

  • I love where this place is situated and I’m also a fan of their Lobster Rolls!

bell in hand

Union Oyster House ::: 41 Union Street :::

  • You cannot, not get the clam chowdah here – and that cornbread melts in your mouth!

Union Oyster

Caffe Vittoria ::: 290-296 Hanover Street ::: North End

  • First time here. Last stop. My expression though. lol



I had ten potential places on my list, however, there were a couple places that were closed and one place we just weren’t feeling:

Woodward ::: One Court Street ::: Financial District ⇒ Permanently CLOSED

Warrant Tavern Restaurant ::: 2 Pleasant Street, Charlestown → this place didn’t have a lot going on that day, so we skipped it

Tavern on the Water ::: 18th Street Pier 6 ::: Charlestown ⇒ Permanently CLOSED


Side note: make it more fun – make it a requirement to use some Bahston words like: “wicked” “awesome” and “pissah” through out the trail.




P.s. Some place we didn’t take pictures at, so I added pictures from other Freedom Trail adventures we had with my family.

Clearwater, FL

Amanda’s Surprise “Dirty Thirty” Birthday Weekend.


As an intro to this post, you might need a little background – Amanda is my Best Friend. I mean, that’s all you really need to know, but to elaborate on how long we have been friends, we met each other when I was eight years old. 22 years later…

Amanda’s spouse, Brian, sent out a request to a few of Amanda’s friends in Spring 2015 to see if we would be able to fly out for a surprise birthday party for her dirty thirty. Not everyone could make it, but with the few that could commit, the party planning began.

The first idea was a cruise, however, with timesigns quickly going by, this didn’t work. The backup plan: beach house. Ultimately, Brian chose the location, house, and dates, and the rest of us contributed our time.

There were many times that it was almost too much to keep it a secret. But ultimately, her expression was priceless and totally worth the wait.

The destination: Clearwater Beach, FL towards the end of August, which was considered their “off season”. Not to mention Hurricane season. Nonetheless, we packed our bags and booked our flights for Tampa. (Thankfully Hurricane Erika never showed)


We flew in on a Thursday afternoon, with the surprise set for Friday. From Tampa to Clearwater, the drive was only about an hour. Another friend from elementary school, Jenna and her husband, had surprised her earlier that day. After that surprise, Amanda  knew more people were coming, she just didn’t know who. And since I had just moved across country from the East Coast to the West Coast, she did not expect me at all.

So, when I knocked on the door, (peep hole blocked) I knew this was going to surprise her. You can see the surprise here. I was just as nervous to surprise her.

After catching up, we headed down to Clearwater Wine and Bistro. I made reservations with the owner Kim, whom we got to meet that night! Kim has owned this place for nine years and still loves being apart of the process. She was offering a wine tasting, which we of course participated in. There was also live music for entertainment while indulging in wine and tapas.

From there, we scouted the area and found Tommy’s Tiki bar, on the sand. And then wondered over to another bar for some more live music.


The whole weekend consisted of some great company at the beach, drinks, Frisbee, Tampa Rays baseball, some awesome pictures, and a few dance parties! It was so hard to leave, but was one of the best weekends!!



Cheers to my long time BFF! I hope thirty treats you well and provides you with so much love!



Sincerely, WDS

Dear Kristen ReNae,

The honor of your presence is requested at the Fifth Anniversary of the WORLD DOMINATION SUMMIT. Thursday, the Ninth of July, Two Thousand and Fifteen.

I mean really… how can you turn down an invitation like that?! Taking over the world? Breaking world records! Hanging out with my TRIBE! Count me in!

But on a more serious note, this conference is truly inspirational, creating ideas, friendships, laughter and tears. (and you really don’t receive an invitation)

Each year we are presented with the question: how do you live a remarkable life in a conventional world?

But really, this is a question we should be asking ourselves everyday. Along with another reminder as to why we do the things we do: Community, Adventure, and Service.

As this was only my second year attending, I was expecting another great list of speakers. However, what we all got, were phenomenal speakers that took us on an emotional roller-coaster. And, I am so grateful for their stories that they shared.

Here is a short recap of #WDS2015 :

Last year was the beginning of Academies. These are four hour classes, chosen by you, but they are designed to teach or provide more info on certain skills. We chose two:

FullSizeRenderWho: Sean Ogle – How to Become a Location Rebel

Take Away: (His)

  1. Job Security (skills & network)
  2. Importance of Community

(mine): Embrace uncertainty (fear)


  1. Gain more subscribers
  2. Start my newsletter
  3. Begin a freelance website

** The “Actions” list is something that I am going to commit to completing **


Who: Benny & Scott – Language LabIMG_5476

Take Away: You can’t learn the language, you need to live it.

Action: Make time to do virtual immersion (learning from online tools).


WDS 2015 Guest Speakers:

Jon AcuffWho: Jon Acuff

Take Away: (his)

  1. We’re too busy to have a voice.
  2. We get distracted by shiny things.
  3. We want everyone to like us.

(mine): I don’t know whose life I’m going to touch.

Quote: “Your voice is never lost, it’s always waiting to be found”

Action: Make time to face my fears (so they don’t turn into regrets).


Who: Jeremy Cowartjeremy cowart

Take Away: Hold true to dignity, beauty, and values.

Actions: Change the “I can’t” to “I can” and Ask WHY NOT? (make a global movement!)

Quote(s): “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13


IMG_5539Who: Megan Devine

Take Away: (hers)

  1. Notice your impulse to help.
  2. Pause – what response is called for.
  3. Don’t fix anything.
  4. Bear witness.

(mine): Pain deserves acknowledgment, not repair.

Action: Let pain hurt and bear witness.

Note: To bear witness refers to sharing our experiences with others, most notably in the communication to others of traumatic experiences.


Who: Asha Dornfest – Reinvention adult

Take Away: (hers): Myth vs. Truth on becoming a “grown-up”

(mine): Trust the dots to connect. (can only go forward)

Action: Be consistent and keep making steps and remember to stick to my values.


IMG_5507Who: Vani Hari

Take Away: Focus on the willing and understand this is bigger than yourself.

Action: Always hold insatiable curiosity and ask questions.


Quote: “If you don’t like me and still watch everything I do… B**ch, you are a fan.” –                                                                                                                                        – Madonna


Who: Lewis Howes – The Myth of Masculinitylewis howes

Take Away: (His)

  1. Most humans desire to be great.
  2. Most feel like we are not good enough.

(mine): strive to be super-human!

Action: Discover what has been holding me back from greatness.

Note: This man went from being the king of diamonds, to the king of hearts.


kid presidentWho: Brad Montague & Robby Novak – Kid President

Take Away: The Secret – If you want to be awesome, you need to treat everyone awesome!

Action: Treat everybody like it’s their birthday.

Note: There is always a reason to dance!


Who: Lissa Rankinrankin

Take Away: Don’t ever let ‘them’ break you.

Action: Make peace with what’s true.

Question: How old were you when you realized life matters?


derek siversWho: Derek Sivers

Take Away: Ask instead of answer; learn instead of preach.

Action: If it’s not a hit, switch.

Note: Remember to make people smile. Be remarkable. Be unique.


This year definitely put my mind at ease, as I now know that I am not the only one out there that is still trying to find their “calling”. I know that this is something that cannot be forced, but I do believe that, as long as, I start taking the actions listed above, I will be in a better place than I was yesterday.

Thank you for reading my summary, if you have any questions about WDS, please reach out to me or comment below!

And Brad Montague could not have put a better quote to describe WDS:

“If the world was a twinkie, WDS would be the cream filling” – I think we can all second that!

Until next year!





(main pic credit: Armosa Studios)