My 2014 in Review: Health and Wellness

Before I begin sharing my new fitness journey, I definitely want to reflect on 2014. This past year has provided me with many new adventures and challenges. This was the year kristenreNae began and I could share my life with you. This was a year that I also participated in many health challenges, as well.

To begin, Mike and I decided to take on some challenges created by Terry Givens. We considered ourselves pretty healthy already, but decided there was no risk in trying something new AND healthy. Here is a review of the challenges…


Water Challenge

This was the first challenge attempted, and you are required to photo 2drink basically your weight in water for 10 days. Now, I knew going into this I had good days with drinking water, but also some bad days, where maybe I would only drink a glass. So, I knew this would be semi-challenging for the days I just don’t feel like having water. The first few days were pretty easy, especially with working. The more challenging part was on the weekends; well, because we all know how weekends go.

Here lies the obstacle I think many encounter. Nobody likes doing things they “have” to do. You really should want to do this.

Overall, the outcome did not help losing any pounds, however, you do feel more refreshed and hydrated; and you do have to pee a lot.


Salad Challenge

photo 1Eat 21 salads in 7-10 days. Challenge accepted. It actually took me 11 days, because it was hard to squeeze in an AM salad. Anyhow, our local market (thank goodness), had a baby spinach sale each time we had to shop. We stocked up and managed to have a salad for lunch and dinner, whether that was our meal or we made it a side.

A few things that helped were a few variations. My lunch for the entire 11 days consisted of: Spinach by itself or with chicken. Some condiments that were added: tomatoes, avocado, boiled egg, dash of shredded cheese, and a little honey balsamic dressing. Delicious.  For Dinner, it definitely helped that for 3 of those evenings we had events, so I was able to order a wedge salad, Caesar salad, and an almond crusted goat cheese salad. So this definitely helped in between eating at home and having to have a spinach salad those nights as well.

Needless to say, I was glad when the challenge was over, just to have a variety in my life, but I definitely did not get tired of them. I still loaded up on the spinach with my last grocery trip.


Yoga challenge

Want to talk about a challenge?! Holy moly! Yoga always seemed calm and relaxing to me,iPad 1 040 but I could never bring myself to jump into it head first. I originally saw an old high school friend add the challenge to her Instagram; this is how I initially became intrigued. I thought this would be perfect; I could do it on my own time and in the comfort of my own home or gym, not in front of an entire class. I definitely have an addiction to looking at pictures; hence Instagram is perfect for me. Each team leader (normally two) did the challenge at different levels. This is awesome, so you can experiment and see where you stand but also know where you can push yourself.

Also, a piece to add into this is that with the New Year, I wanted a physical resolution, so I decided yoga was going to be the challenge. I talked it over with my boyfriend, and because his flexibility (or non-flexibility) is an issue, he decided to join. Our gym offers free classes on Saturday mornings. Depending which instructor we had, it was usually very relaxing and an awesome hour workout. So, prior to starting this challenge, I had about three Saturday classes under my belt. Not a lot, but enough to give me a bit of confidence going into the challenge.


(Diary entry: I just finished week one, and so far, there has only been one challenge that I haven’t been able to do. But I know that if I do practice on it, it will all become easier. The poses definitely get a bit more challenging day by day, but that’s the fun part. Going into this, I had no idea there were so many poses, let alone the crazy names of them. Yoga definitely takes on a different type of strength.)

Wellness Challenge

photoThis challenge included more than fitness, it was overall a mind, body, and spirit challenge created by The Wellness Bucket.  This challenge was an exciting 30 day challenge including writing down goals, meditating, posting a funny workout selfie… There were so many items that were fun and some that made you do things you wouldn’t normally do. Can’t wait for the next challenge!


By the end of 2014 I had participated in five yoga challenges, one health challenge put on by The Wellness Bucket, a water challenge and a salad challenge by Terry Givens.

Now, heading into 2015 my site is set on competing in a Bikini Competition. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would participate in such a thing. However, Mike created a goal to compete in a men’s physique competition and, well, he was a bit persuasive. It definitely is hard to be on point, when you live with someone that isn’t… So, to assist in his training, I thought it would be fun to join the adventure as well.

Our year begins with a cleanse to get our bodies in the right state before working it hard. This will be my fourth time participating in The Master Cleanse. However, Mike has never done a cleanse in his life. So this will be interesting to say the least.

photo 1

Cheers to the New Year!

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